Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat, Malaysia

Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat, Malaysia

Cameron Highland Best Tour from Ipoh Day Trip (Private)

Travelers that looking for a short getaway to cool and breezy hill station can opt for this tour.It is the BEST LOCAL WAY to visit Cameron Highlands.Travelers have the choice to choose the places

Duration:8 hours


Private Tour: Ipoh Secrets Full Day Heritage Tour

The private tour allows you full customization on your itinerary and flexible starting time, you will follow your own pace and with the power to plan your own itinerary. Each private tour will be a di

Duration:7 to 8 hours


Ipoh City Tour

This tour is fully private that cater travelers need privacy and customize according to their wish.In this tour we are not going to bring you to any souvenir shop and gift shop.In this full tour we on

Duration:8 hours


Cameron Highland Transfer from Ipoh

This product is purely private transfer that give you the service right to your door and hassle free. Full of privacy no need to worried about the timing or pickup point.

Duration:2 hours


Cameron Highland Real Experience Day Trip from Ipoh

Travelers that don't have much days for vacation can opt for this tour because it is BEST IDEAL WAY TO REAL CAMERON HIGHLAND IN 1 DAY. Travel's have the choice to customize or alter the itinerary acco

Duration:8 hours


Cameron Highland Real Experience From Ipoh (SIC)

No Strawberries!!! No Bee farm or Butterfly Farm!!! Only nature and Tea Plantation. Travelers that don't have many days for vacation and are on a budget can opt for this tour because it is the Best id

Duration:8 to 12 hours


Private chauffeur service Malaysia

We focus on most happening history, food, attraction places and shopping mall or the most beautiful nature in Malaysia.

Duration:8 hours


Ipoh hotels to Cameron Day Tour

We provide our good drivers with new licensed tour vehicles. By using the proper licensed tour vehicle this your journey is insured and secured. We will bring to the below places.Bharat tea, Laven

Duration:8 hours


Transfer: Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur International Airport Departure Transfer

Sit back and relax on as you enjoy our air-conditioned transfer to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. You will be picked up by our driver depending on your flight's departure time which we will re-co

Duration:3 to 4 hours


3-Day Banjaran Hot Springs Retreat from Kuala Lumpur

Make the ultimate getaway to Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat with a 2-night stay at a water villa that includes: a patio with its own private pool, living and dining area, outdoor rain shower and sunken h

Duration:3 days


Private Tour: Ipoh Secrets Full Day Heritage & Orang Utan Island

Join your private guide from Ipoh Secrets on a trip of learning the secrets of Ipoh, journey into the limestone caves with temple hidden within, grab some amazing local food and dessert offered at Tai

Duration:7 to 8 hours


Private Tour: UNESCO Archaeological Heritage Of The Lenggong Valley from Ipoh

Lenggong Valley is considered as one of Malaysia’s most valuable archaeological site. In fact, the oldest known human activity can be traced back to this site. Some archaeological experts have dubbed

Duration:7 to 8 hours