Bulgaria Travel Guide

Bulgaria Travel Guide

You can’t help falling in love with Bulgaria at the first sight because it’s a place where nature smiles with the beauty of all four seasons, a place where the East meets the West and where civilization meets the mysticism.


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Relatively unknown, underrated and underappreciated - Bulgaria is the coast of inspiration, harmony, and peace along with 30 mountain ranges full of mesmerizing stories. A land of rich culture and modern vitality; with glittering treasures of the ancient tome to the decrepit monuments it’s a surprising land that offers surprises to the curious travelers.

Due to the strategic position of Bulgaria, it sits on the layers of history. From ancient Greeks and Romans to fearsome Slavic warriors, from Ottoman Pashas to Cold War communists, each left its marks. Bulgaria was one of the only countries in Nazi territory that refused to turn its Jewish population over to Hitler.  None of 49,000 jews were deported to concentration camps.

Bulgaria sitting at the east end of the Balkan Peninsula is a place bustling with hospitality and joy; you can’t have organic food because everything here is genuinely natural. Lively traditions and centuries-old rituals are something exciting to cherish, the culture is as rich as histories ancient. The history of Bulgaria is so old that it appeared on the map 13 centuries ago.

The major destinations include Rila Monastery, Veliko Tarnovo, Thracian plain, Plovdiv and the capital city Sofia.

Driving deep into the mountains, South of Sofia is the Rila Monastery; founded in the 10th century. It is a fortress on the outside and spiritual sanctuary inside. Once a tourist steps into it, the vibes of sacredness and timelessness are felt. It remained the stronghold of Bulgarian faith, language and culture for a long time. It remains the Bulgarian’s revered national treasure. This beautiful monastery is a venerable place and a must-visit tourist place enriched with rich culture, bible stories, and the Bulgarian spirit.

Another place to visit in Bulgaria is its medieval capital – Veliko Tarnovo. This dramatic set city winds through a misty gorge at the sharp bend of Yantra River. The blocky modern construction and the traditional Bulgarian homes and the ruins of its fortress are something surprising and worth-watching. The city’s famous craft street where tourists can witness the famous Bulgarian dance, reveals the thriving folk culture of Bulgarian medieval times.

The valley of the roses or the Thracian plain depicts about the Thracian civilization with its doomed shaped tombs. Tourists from all over the world visit this place to see the vast fields of roses that bloom overnight. It’s the best place to buy anything made with roses.

 If you are looking for some Bulgarian festivity, then the best place to visit is Kazanlak and the best time is May. You will find celebrations in terms of the parade, and dances. Plovdiv is Bulgaria’s most enjoyable city full of iconic ruins, ancient theatre, and mesmerizing art. This old town showcases some of the delightful buildings from the 19th century.

One thing you must not miss enjoying is “Rakia” the natural Bulgarian drink.

Bulgaria is attractive for holidays and visits all day around because of its beautiful nature, favorable weather, amazing cultural heritage, and folklore.