Iceland Travel Guide

Iceland Travel Guide

Perched on an edge of the Arctic Circle and home to Europe’s largest glacier, Iceland truly is the land of ice and fire. The beautiful land of stories has such an incredible force that transformed Viking warriors into poets, and family stories into epic sagas.

Many of the country’s popular sights are within easy reach of Reykjavik – the capital of Iceland and home to 2/3rd of Icelanders. Immerse yourself in the spirit of Iceland, at the “Blue Lagoon”. The volcanic baths here welcome the visitors to soak in the healing thermal waters. The place is amazing to have family gossips, love sharing, and even business gossips.

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“The Golden Circle” encompassing the greatest natural wonders of Iceland’s, is a must-visit tourist destination in Iceland. The “Thingvellir National Park” is considered as the country’s heart and soul is the place where you can walk between the tectonic plates of North American and Europe. It’s the place where you can get a chance to stand upon the shore of Iceland’s largest lake, and witness the clan’s open-air historic parliament, and at “Geysir Geothermal Field” you can experience boiling cauldron of hissing steam vents and belching mud pools. The natural wonder that outshines everything is the spellbinding waterfall named “Gullfoss”.  

The story for many visitors continues till Reykjavik and the Golden Circle, but Iceland is full of adventures; the further you roam, the greater the adventure. One of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls the “Seljalandsfoss” is another awesome place filled with the amazement of natural beauty, where you can follow the 200 feet trial of pure glacial water. It’s an astonishing place where adventure seekers can breathe amid this serene place. 18 miles east of Seljalandsfoss is “Skogafoss” – another sensational waterfall where you can experience a double rainbow. 

The southernmost village in the country named “Vik” is another alluring place to visit in Iceland. Wedged between the mountains and the sea with dramatic weather and spectacular landscapes Vik is a place you must not miss visiting. Moreover, do not miss to explore the basalt sand of the “Black Beach” – one of the most beautiful non-tropical beaches in the world; and the formations of “Reynisdrangar”. Furthermore, if you want to be at the southernmost tip of Iceland then “Dyrholaey” is a perfect place, where you’d be surrounded by the beautiful puffins.

“Jokulsarlon Lake” – famous for Europe’s largest glacier named “Vatnajokul”; “Selfoss” – a horseshoe-shaped waterfall; “Dettifoss” – Europe’s mightiest waterfall; “Myvatn” – a region with a tranquil lake surrounded by violent natural beauty; “Krafla Volcano” – the and “Dimmuborgir” – known for its lava pillars and dark castles are some of the major attractive places to visit in Iceland. Most interestingly Iceland’s ring road provides a unique possibility to see all these jewels one after another. Iceland’s main ring road circles the entire island, stringing together an endless series of epic landscapes and tales.