India Travel Guide

India Travel Guide

A country of incredible contrasts and full of fascinating splendor; India is home to multiple religions, ethnicities, and cuisines. India is a land of long history and a legend fantasy; and to truly experience the reality that encounters the amazing tale of Indian culture and history, travel is the key.

India is diverse that it extends from the Himalayas in the north to the semi-desert terrain and tropics of the south. This enormous and diverse country offers everything for everyone and that’s the reason it is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. 

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India Travel Guide

Traveling to India is an amazing experience that can open your eyes to a different part of the world. From the ancient ruins in city centers to stunning beaches and wildlife reserves, there’s much to see and do in India. But knowing where to go and what to do when you get there can be daunting. That’s where our India travel guide comes in! Our comprehensive guide will outline everything you need to know about traveling to India, from the cost of airline tickets and hotels to advice on what activities are best for visitors of all ages. So whether you’re planning your first trip or your hundredth, make sure to check out our guide first!

The Best Places to Stay in India

India is a vast country with a rich culture, and there are many different places to stay while visiting. Here are some of the best hotels and resorts in India.

1. Taj Mahal Hotel, Agra: The Taj Mahal Hotel is a luxurious hotel near the Taj Mahal monument in Agra. It has beautiful gardens and rooms with Jacuzzis and private balconies. The hotel also offers a variety of activities, including horse riding and golf.

2. Oberoi Amarvilas Resort, Jaipur: Oberoi Amarvilas Resort is a beautiful resort located in Jaipur, India's Pink City. The resort has a beachfront location, offering stunning views of the city skyline and the Thar Desert. There are numerous luxury facilities available at the resort, such as an 18-hole golf course and tennis courts.

3. The Ritz-Carlton, Mumbai: The Ritz-Carlton, Mumbai is one of the world's most luxurious hotels and it's certainly not hard to see why! This 5-star hotel offers stunning views of Mumbai's coastal skyline from almost any room, and its location in the heart of business district makes it an excellent choice

The Best Time to Visit India

India is a vast country with a rich cultural heritage. It can be a very rewarding destination to explore, regardless of the time of year you visit. Here are some general tips for when to visit India:

The best time to visit India is during the monsoon season, from June to September. This is when the weather is hot and humid, and there are lots of festivities going on. However, note that this is also the busiest time to travel in India, so be prepared for long lines and crowded places.

Another good time to visit India is during winter, from December to February. This is when temperatures are milder and there are fewer crowds. However, note that this is also the coldest season, so make sure you bring appropriate clothing and gear.

Finally, any time during the year is fine for traveling in India. However, November to December tends to be slow due to Christmas celebrations and New Year’s festivities. And April and May can be quite hot and muggy in most areas of the country.

The Best Activities to Do in India

There are so many things to do in India that it can be hard to choose just a few! Here are our favorite activities to do in India:

1. Go on a safari in Rajasthan. This is an incredible experience, and a great way to see some of the most beautiful wildlife in the world.

2. Visit a religious site like the Taj Mahal. This is one of the most famous tourist destinations in India, and it’s worth visiting for its amazing architecture and history.

3. Take a cooking class in Amritsar or Varanasi. These classes will give you some great insights into Indian cuisine, and you’ll end up with some delicious food to take home with you!

4. Ride the elephant back at A must-do activity for any visitor to India is ride an elephant back! You can find elephant rides all over the country, but we recommend heading to Jaipur and Agra for the best experiences.

The Best Areas to Eat in India

One of the best things about traveling to India is the food. There are so many different places to eat that you're sure to find something that appeals to your taste. Here are some of the best areas to eat in India:

1. Mumbai: Mumbai is known for its food and there are a lot of great places to eat in this city. Some of our favorites include the Trident restaurant at The Oberoi, Gaja Restaurant at The Taj Mahal Palace and Tower, and Rang Mahal at The Taj Mahal Palace.

2. Delhi: Delhi is home to some of the best restaurants in India. Some of our favorites include Zorba's Bistro at The Oberoi, Saffron Bhavan at The Ritz-Carlton Jaipur, and Rang Mahal at The Lalit Hotel.

3. Goa: Goa is known for its food and there are a lot of great places to eat in this province. Some of our favorites include Curds & Whey on Candolim Beach, La Casa del Gelato on Calacutta Beach, and Spice Bazaar on Anjuna Beach.

4. Kerala: Kerala is

The Best Places to Shop in India

Popular shopping destinations in India vary from bustling metropolises like Mumbai and Delhi to charming little towns like Udaipur and Jaipur. Whether you're looking for luxury brands or handmade crafts, there's a store for you in India. Here are our top picks for the best places to shop in India.

1. The Silk Road: If you're looking for high-end fashion, head to theSilk Road in New Delhi or Mumbai. This area is home to some of the most famous luxury brands in the world, like Lululemon and Zara.

2. Bollywood Style: If you're a fan of Indian movies and fashion, then head to Mumbai or Delhi for the best shopping experiences. You can find designer clothing and accessories inspired by Hindi films here.

3. Artisanal Crafts: If you're interested in finding unique handmade crafts, head to Jaipur or Udaipur. These cities are home to a variety of talented artisans who create beautiful items such as jewelry and pottery.

4. Traditional Handicrafts: If you're looking for traditional handmade crafts, head to Varanasi or Hampi. These towns are famous for their exquisite textiles and handmade pottery.


No trip in India is complete without visiting the ultimately impressive “Taj Mahal”. The iconic monument of the Taj Mahal was built by Mughal King Shah Jahan as an extravagant memorial to his wife Mumtaz. The spectacular mausoleum still stands as an emblem of love, romance, and adventure. Millions of tourists visit “Agra” to catch a hypnotizing glimpse of the spellbinding Taj Mahal.

Delhi – the political and administrative capital of the largest democracy in the world is believed to be one of the oldest cities in the world. A unique melting pot of both culture and religion, this incredible metropolis has a lot to offer to its tourists. “Jama Mosque” – an iconic mosque build by Mughal King Shah Jahan, “Chandni Chok” – a busy commercial area of the ancient bazaar, “Raaj Ghat” – a memorial dedicated for former political leaders, “Gurdwara Panja Saab” – the largest Sikh shrine in Delhi, and “Laal Qila” – the famous red fort made of red stones; are among the prominent features of Delhi.

Glistens romantically on the edge of the desert in Rajasthan, “Udaipur” is a place where you can find the fascinating “Lake Palace”. Also known as the city of lakes, Udaipur is home to numerous captivating sights. The graceful “City Palace”, the spectacular “Monsoon Palace”, old temples, ancient bazaars, and the winding streets all are among the spectacular features of this mesmerizing city of lakes. “Amritsar” is a perfect tourist destination to explore the Punjabi culture and to visit one of the holiest Sikh sights i.e. “The Golden Temple” – a striking Sikh shrine full of serenity and inspiration. Do not miss visiting the frenetic market outside the temple and experiencing the delicacies of Punjab i.e. Lassi, kulcha, mutton chap, and much more. 

Do not miss to visit the breathtaking mountainous destination “Ladakh” as it will surely hypnotize you with its pristine scenery. One of the most popular and spectacular beaches in the world “Goa” is a unique blend of former Portuguese colony influence and Indian culture. To explore the caves and magnificent shrines of both “Ellora” and “Ajanta”, head to the state of Maharashtra. The murals, paintings, carved shrines and enormous complexes in both “Ellora” and “Ajanta” reflect the Buddhist stories.