Japan Travel Guide

Japan Travel Guide

Glimmering skyscrapers, traditional tea shops, outstanding technological scene, megacities, delicious sushi, rich culture, and exciting history; it’s no wonder that this wonderful country of unmatched activities and places is amongst most people’s top 10 travel destinations. Japan is a charming influence of new and the old with a distinct character that separates it from the rest of Asia.

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Kyoto – the city full of shrines, iconic temples, gardens & palaces is known for its sacredness and serenity. One of the best places to visit in Japan especially in spring, the sacred city of Kyoto welcomes its visitors with amazing attractions that include the awe-inspiring “bamboo forests”, “Kyoto Imperial Palace”, “Kiyomizu Temple”, “Nijo Castle”, “Kinkaku-Ji”, and “Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine”. 

If you’re interested in exploring the Japanese culture, then “Nara” would be the best city to visit. Also called the “City Of Culture”, it is home to many shrines, monasteries, museums. Among the famous place in Nara, the “Nara Park”, “Kasuga-Taisha”, “Ninja Museum of Igaryu”, “Isuien Garden”, and “Nara-Koen Park” are the best places to visit in Nara.

Mount Fuji is a breathtaking marvel in Japan; moreover, it’s a paradise for those who’re seeking adventure and thrill. It’s a must-visit place in Japan where one can witness the beautiful “Mt. Fuji”, “Mt. Tenjo”, “Chureito Pagoda”, and “Fujiyoshida Sengen Shrine”; and for those who wish to climb it must visit it from June to September. “Hakuba” is another tourist destination known for its adventurous activities as this ultimate winter wonderland is winter sports hub. The fascinating winter resort offers skiing, snowboarding, and hiking experiences.

Another place to explore the natural beauty is the city of “Hokkaido”. It’s the place where nature is closest as you’ll get a chance to see natural hot springs and picturesque volcanoes. Hokkaido is a perfect place for skiing as well. The “Blue Pond”, “Asahiyama Zoo”, and “Farm Tomita” will leave you mesmerized.

The most exotic destination in Japan is the island of “Ishigaki”. The most trending travel spot has no limit when it comes to offering unique experiences to its tourists. Here in Ishigaki; “Kabira Bay”, “Taketomi Island”, and the “Ishigaki Limestone Cave” are the must-visit tourist spots where you can indulge in snorkeling, and experience the gorgeous beaches in Japan.

Filled with the history of horrendous atomic bombings, Hiroshima is one of the major places to see in Japan. Captivating gardens and the spellbinding shrines adds extra charm to the city with numerous monuments reflecting the history. “Hiroshima Peace Memorial”, “Hiroshima Castle”, “Itsukushima Shrine”, “Mazda Museum, and the “Shukkeien Garden” are some of the best places to take pictures and make memories of a lifetime.

Other famous places to visit in Japan include; “Osaka” – the stunning city with fabulous shopping arcades and topnotch nightlife; “Yakushima” – an island blessed with magical waterfalls, cedar forests, and exotic wildlife; “Kamakura” – a seaside town with vibrant beaches where the famous bronze buddha resides; “Kawaguchi” – the city with natural wonders known for its beautiful landscapes i.e. Lake Kawaguchiko, Fujiten Snow Resort, and Oshino Hakkai; “Shibuya – a bustling city known for its Yoyogi Park and incredible nightlife; and “Fukuoka” – the oldest city in Japan known for its “Fukuoka Castle” and “Ohori Park”.