Namibia Travel Guide

Namibia Travel Guide

Namibia is a beautiful country located in Southern Africa. Spanning an area of 1,600,000 square kilometers, it's the world's 54th largest country. Namibia offers a vast array of scenery and experiences for visitors, from world-famous tourist destinations like Victoria Falls and Capetown to off-the-beaten-track gems like the Skeleton Coast. Whether you're looking for an adrenalin rush on a white-knuckle safari or want to relax in a serene desert landscape, Namibia has something for everyone.

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What is Namibia?

Namibia is a landlocked country located in southern Africa. It has a population of just over two million people and spans an area of 1,017,500 square kilometers. The country is divided into ten provinces and has a population density of just over 30 people per square kilometer. Namibia was first settled by the German colonialists in the late 1800s. The country became independent in 1990 and is now a member of the African Union, the United Nations, and the Southern African Development Community.
Namibia's primary industries are agriculture, tourism, and mining. The country is well known for its wide range of scenery, including the Namib deserts, the Namib-Mao National Park, the Skeleton Coast National Park, and the Kuiseb River Canyon. Namibia also has several world-renowned natural attractions, such as Etosha National Park, Walvis Bay National Marine Park, Hwange National Park, and Etosha National Wildlife Reserve.
What to Expect on a Namibian Tour:

The best way to experience Namibia is by taking a guided tour with a reputable company like On your tour you will be able to see some of

Top Things to Do in Namibia

Namibia is a land of contrasts, with an ancient culture and wildlife residing alongside stunningly pristine landscapes. With so much to see and do in Namibia, your trip will be incomplete without spending some time exploring its many attractions. From the dramatic sand dunes of the Kalahari Desert to the crystalline waters of the Zambezi Delta, here are five top things to do in Namibia:

1.Be adventurous and take a drive out into the desert on one of Namibia’s legendary off-road trails. You’ll find plenty of adventures waiting for you – from sand boarding to 4WDing – and you’ll need all your wits about you to make it back alive!

2.Take a nature hike through one of Namibia’s iconic reserves, like Etosha National Park or Okavango Delta National Park. Spot elephants, lions, giraffes and wildebeests as you walk through these vast wilderness areas.

3.Visit one of Namibia’s world-famous game reserves, like Ruaha National Park or Hwange National Park. Here, you can watch lions hunt prey or visit a water

Get Around Namibia

Namibia is a landlocked country located in southern Africa. It has a population of about 2.5 million people, making it the world's 25th most populous country. Namibia's geography varies from desert in the east to semi-desert in the west and from steppe in the north to rainforest in the south. The Kalahari Desert occupies about one-third of Namibia. The country's capital and largest city is Windhoek.

Eating Out in Namibia

When it comes to eating out in Namibia, there is plenty to choose from. From traditional dishes like biltong, steak and chicken to more modern options like sushi and Indian cuisine, there is something for everyone. Here are some of our favourites:

1. The Bakewell Centre - This charming café offers a variety of baked goods, sandwiches and salads. They also have a small menu of some hearty main dishes such as pasta, lamb and fish.

2. The Travellers' Rest - This restaurant is perfect for those looking for something more luxurious. They have a wide range of food items on their menu, including steak and seafood. They also have a great wine list with many affordable choices.

3. The Namibian Grill - This restaurant is known for its excellent steaks and chops. They also have a good selection of side dishes and desserts to choose from.

4. Lekkerland - This popular chain offers Dutch-style fries, burgers, pizzas and other quick eats. They are open late at night so you can enjoy some late-night munchies after a long day hiking or sightseeing.

Costs of Traveling to Namibia

Namibia is a great destination for budget-minded travelers. The costs of traveling to Namibia are low, making it an ideal country to visit on a budget. Here are some costs and expenses to keep in mind when planning your trip to Namibia:

-Accommodation: The cost of accommodation in Namibia is very affordable. You can find hostels and guesthouses for as little as $10 per night.

-Transportation: The cost of transportation in Namibia is also very low. Bus tickets cost around $2 per day, and taxis are also relatively cheap.

-Food: The cost of food in Namibia is good value for money. You can find inexpensive restaurants and cafes throughout the country.

Safety and Security in Namibia

With a population of just over 2 million, Namibia is one of the most sparsely populated countries in Africa. This makes it one of the safest countries in Africa to travel in. Namibia has a strong police force and well-maintained infrastructure, making it relatively easy to get around without having to worry about your safety. There are, however, a few things you should keep in mind when traveling to Namibia:

1. Keep your passport safe - If you're planning on traveling outside of major cities and towns, always keep your passport safe. There have been reports of crime in rural areas increasing recently, so it's always best to err on the side of caution.

2. Don't leave your belongings unguarded - If you're staying in a hotel or guesthouse, make sure to leave your belongings underneath the security guard's watchful eye. In some cases, theft has been known to occur even at well-known establishments.

3. Be aware of scams - Be aware of common scams that tourists can fall victim to while visiting Namibia. These scams can range from fake guides offering free tours and more elaborate schemes involving dodgy drivers and dishonest hotel staff. Always do your research


Namibia is a stunning country that offers travelers an incredible array of experiences. Whether you're looking for adventure in the desert or relaxation on the coast, there's something for everyone on this list of recommended travel destinations in Namibia. Take a look and see which one intrigues you most. We can't wait to share your travels with you!