Paris Travel Guide

Paris Travel Guide

Attracting more than 45 million tourists every year, Paris is the world’s most popular tourist destination. Situated on the banks of La Seine, the elegant and stylish capital of France is a romantic place encompassing lovely boulevards, beautiful buildings, and sights like Notre Dame Cathedral & Eifel Tower. People from all over the world fantasize about visiting this romantic dreamland at least once in their lifetime. 

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Eifel tower is the symbol of Paris. The tower was built by Gustave Eiffel as the entrance arch for the International Exhibition of Paris in 1889. 1063 ft. tall Eifel tower is the highest building in Paris offering stunning vistas of the city below. Since its construction more than 200,000,000 people have visited, making it the most-visited paid tourist attraction in the world. 

In the north of Eifel Tower, there is Arc de Triomphe and the famous shopping street Champs Elysees Avenue. At the east of Eifel Tower is Les Invalides which contains museums and monuments related to the history of France along with Napoleon’s Tomb. The two most famous museums in Paris the Louvre Museum and Musee d’Orsay are located close to each other on the opposite side of the River Seine. 15 minutes walk from the Louvre Museum is another must-visit place the Center Pompidou – National Museum of Modern Art. Montparnasse offers its visitors an amazing view of the city; moreover, it is also famous for the Sacre-Coeur Basilica. The catacombs of Paris are famous for the underground ossuaries holding the remains of more than six million people. From the stunning art collections at the Louvre to the Eerie Catacombs beneath the streets and the breathtaking Notre Dame Cathedral one could spend a lifetime getting to know all of Paris’s wonderful sights. 

For all those who are into businesses, the Financial District La Defense – Europe’s largest purpose-built business district is the best attraction of Paris. It is located in the West of the city.

Chartres Cathedral is located in a small town near Paris that seems too small to fit the cathedral. The vast nave, the porches around with the dine sculptures and magnificent 12th century stained glass windows; all in remarkable condition make it one of the finest examples of French High Gothic style. Another charming hillside in the neighborhood of Paris is Montmartre – the home to many artists and painters. It offers you amazing views of Paris and you’ll find painters busy making in their artworks.

Paris has an oceanic climate with cold winters and hot summers so prepare your trip accordingly to enjoy your trip and outdoor activities as much as possible. The best time to visit Paris is in the spring i.e. April to June. Many travelers stay in Paris for 3 days to see the highlights of the beautiful city, but it is recommended to stay at least for 5 days because this beautiful city will not disappoint you and send you back home with unforgettable memories.