Singapore Travel Guide

Singapore Travel Guide

A compact country built at the crossroads of maritime trading routes, Singapore is among the Asian economic tigers. The unimaginable success of this small country can be observed through its global cities and futuristic architecture, but the nation still cherishes its Asian traditions. Singapore welcomes its tourists with short-frequent storms and amazing tourist attractions.

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“Gardens by the Bay” and “Singapore Botanic Gardens” are among the top attractions of Singapore. “Gardens by the Bay” is a 101 acres futuristic garden famous for its wide collection of trees collected from all four corners of the world under its bio-domes; whereas, “Singapore Botanic Gardens” is world’s most extensive orchid garden known for its lush vegetation, well-tended lawns, themed gardens and tranquil lakes.

Singapore Zoo is among the list of world’s famous zoos because of its hi-tech design and natural habitat-like enclosures for the wide variety of wildlife living here. The prominent creatures include Nubian ibexes, baboons, two-toed sloths, flying foxes, polar bears, wolverines, orangutans, leopards, cheetahs, giraffes, zebras, and the rare white tiger. Do not miss to experience the wonderful Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo. The electric tram offers tourists with an eerie experience of the jungle at the nighttime.

Other than Night Safari, the River Safari is another thing Singapore is famous for. Right Next to the Singapore Zoo, this amazing River Safari offers its visitor to see alligators, giant catfish, giant anteaters, tapir, capybara, jaguars, and Kai Kai, etc. Another attraction of River Safari includes “Amazon Flooded Forest aquariums” – home to various water creatures.

If you still want to see some more exotic marine life then Singapore's SEA Aquarium with 49 marine habitats and over 100,000 sea creatures is the best place to visit. Located on Sentosa Island it’s the world’s largest aquarium.

Do not miss to spend a day out in the Jurong Bird Park – a popular bird sanctuary with more than 400 species of birds. It offers a chance to its visitors to stroll along with the natural habitats of colorful birds including penguins, owls, ibises, flamingos, guinea fowls, falcons, etc. 

Other famous places to visit in Singapore include “Singapore's Universal Studios” - a theme park themed on Hollywood; “Marina Bay”- a popular waterfront known for its iconic Marina Bay Sands; Haji Lane – the street independent designers known for its amazing shopping experience; Fort Canning Park -a green and hilly park with a historical museum; and do not miss to ride the 165m-tall Ferris wheel named the “Singapore Flyer”.