Spain Travel Guide

Spain Travel Guide

The fondness of Spain is spread all over, mostly after the movie- Zindgi Na Milegi Dubara. Thrilling adventure sports, thousands of years of history and culture, world-famous coastline, wide stretches of the mountain, Royal Palace and Prado museum all of these you are getting in one place, yes it is Spain.

If you are a sportsperson, there are many things you can experience here like Bullfighting, La Tomatina, Siestas- Spanish yoga and football. Football in Spain is not just like a game it's like a religion.

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If you are a foodaholic, you will thank Spanish culture, after tasting rice-based dish Paella.

If you have an eye for art, Spanish dance and songs are wonders to experience live. It is a vocal and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

If you are craving for drinks, you should know that Spain is taking its drinks very seriously. You can think of a mug of beer, a glass of wine, some sherry but you can also get some sangria to relieve in your holidays. Wait... If you don’t want to consume alcohol still you have a Spanish coffee, which is different from the rest of the world. You ought to drink it up whenever you want to feel relaxed. So, when you are in Spain you can admire all the colors of life. 

How to reach

To travel around 8000 km, you admire the direct flight to reach this vigorous country. Flights are obtainable from main Indian cities Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore to Cities such as Madrid and Barcelona. Both Spanish cities have a lot of regional variety and uniqueness to rejuvenate you from 9 hours of travel from India.

Best Time to visit

Happy People everywhere and smiles from around the world, this is what Spain gives you in late spring and early summer. So, if you are the person who doesn’t like alone and probing an atmosphere of party, Spain curiously waiting for you in the month of May and June. Late summer and the start of Autumn are another pleasant duration for sightseeing in Spain.

Specifically, visit Northern Spain in July to august and central Spain is best for October and May. Some parts of the country are experiencing ice and snowfall, if you are looking for the cheapest rate of the trip then a suitable time is winter. Usually, this time hotel rates and restaurant prices are going down. 

August to September, even October

Spain stands up for travelers from the last week of August, and it is enough to share that this country enjoying its Tomatina festival in the Last Wednesday of August. Procedure of Tomatina festival is well known to all of us in this small world of today. You can enjoy, beating someone by red juicy Tomatoes and at the same time beaten by someone.


It is the end of August and if you are in Spain you will think that perhaps the country is enjoying the biggest summer festivals, the festivals of Dance, delicious cuisines, fireworks and concerts in Feria de Malaga. And it is more than enough way they farewell this month, But the end of August will be a witness of bullfighting.

Barcelona city rejoices the city's Patron Saint festival with firecrackers and events in September. September also witnessed the world's largest film festivals in the same month and parallel wine creators celebrate the grape harvesting. And in September Country welcomes you in its heart in the pleasant weather in cities like Madrid and Salamanca.

Early Summer: May or early June

Glorious sunshine and some warm weather make Spain a more decent destination in early summer. Still, in North and northwest, it can give you cold and blowing winds. So, you will not remain in only warm weather in early summer here, you will go through a pleasant change of weather.

You will hit it off with Spain tradition when you will be in local festivals as de San Isidro, Feria de Patios and Feria de las Cruces. As well as you must catch the Madrid Open during the summer, it is Spain’s largest tennis tournament. Along with the culinary festival, in case you like festivals that are dedicated to the food only. 

Spain has an enormous variety of beaches to get over from summer. Still, if you felt humid Water and Ham Festival is planned for you. You will like the massive water fight in this festival in Granada city.

Visa information for Spain

Spain offers two types of visas, the first is short term and another residence one. Short Term Visa is valid for 90 days, which is enough for your detailed visit to Spain. Another Residence Visa, which allows you to stay for more than 90 days. 

If you are making your mind to travel, you will have to fill the visa application form and provide the relevant documentation and pay not too much to get the short term visa to visit this heritage country.