Poland Travel Guide

Poland Travel Guide

Poland is Europe’s most underrated destination but most interestingly it’s Europe’s top undiscovered destination. Lovely Poland has a lot of beautiful cities and towns, and each one of them is unique & worth visiting.

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Warsaw – the capital of Poland is a big modern city that has an amazing story about its destruction and rebirth. “The Palace of Culture & Science” is probably the best place to visit in Warsaw as it offers some 360-degree panoramic views of the entire city. The public transport system aids its visitors to visit the city with convenience. Other prominent places to visit in Warsaw include “Castle Square”, “Warsaw Old Town”, “Lazienki Park”, “Amber Street”, “St. Mary’s Church” and the “Warsaw Royal Castle”.  To explore the Polish history must visit the “European Solidarity Museum” – dedicated to the Polish freedom from USSR, “Westerplatte” – an open-air museum with ruins of 1st battle of WW2, and “Warsaw Uprising Museum” – a place with a huge collection of rare artifacts from the Polish history. The best place for shoppers in Warsaw is “Arkadia” – home to all the big brands. Do not miss visiting “PM Shooter”; the place offers an amazing firing experience and indeed it’s the best place for guys looking for real fun. From Warsaw, head towards into its countryside to the lake district of super beautiful “Warnia” and “Masseria”. 

“Elblaski Canal” – a historic canal with a unique train track-like set-up you couldn’t find this anywhere else in the world. Cruising through this astonishing canal is a must thing to do in Poland. Another place you must not miss to visit is the unusual “Snail Garden” – an organic farm farming snails to export it to France and Spain. “Taborska Pine Reservation” is another amazing place to witness the ultra-long Taborska Pine trees and beautiful beach trees. The stroll here in this natural park offers a complete package of pace, freshness, relaxation, and comfort.

“Olsztyn” – is one of the major cities in Poland and offers some awesome sites to visit. Among them, the “Ukiel Lake” is the most engaging one. It’s one of the biggest and most beautiful lakes in Poland. In Olsztyn, do not miss to try the spa at “thermal hot spring”. Olsztyn is famous for its medieval old town. One of the major attractions of Olsztyn is its gothic-styled astonishing “Olsztyn Caste”. Other than that the interesting architecture, cobblestone streets, fabulous restaurants, and surprising souvenir shops make this medieval old town one of the favorite tourist destinations in Poland. 

Other famous attractions of Poland you must not miss visiting are: “Oliwa Park” – a gorgeous park best suited for those who are looking for something Instagram-worthy; “Malbork Castle” – world’s biggest castle and home of Teutonic Knights; “Gingerbread Museum” – a place to learn everything about gingerbread; “Teutonic Castle Ruins” – a notable place to learn about the Teutonic history; “Zakopane” – the famous ski resort in “Tatra Mountains” with an infinite number of trials to explore the mountainous beauty.